Why Buy From Sheboygan Chrysler Center


We believe we are so different from the others that we felt we should share our story with you.  In 1991 Randy Romanoski came from Grand Forks, ND, "by way of the Rydell Organization."  With stores number 12 and 13 of 50 sister stores then… and 85 sister stores operating throughout the United States today.  The Rydell Company only promotes its best, honest people with the most integrity to run their stores and to eventually own them.

Randy originated from a small town family owned dealership in North Dakota where he learned the ethics of doing business; and a handshake meant everything.  Later, while working for Rydell Chevrolet in Grand Forks, on May 6, 1991 he was given the opportunity to become the dealer operator and now owns Sheboygan Chevrolet Chrysler.  Randy and his wife Rita, currently live in Sheboygan County where they are active members of the community.

Our Philosophy is based on five areas that we believe are critical to business success.  Those areas are: Customer Enthusiasm, Employee Satisfaction, Financial Performance, Market Penetration and Continuous Improvement.

Our customers can come in with the peace of mind knowing that everyone can walk away with a fair deal where you are treated like our friend or family from your first visit.  You never need to worry about the negotiation process because our up front best price makes shopping simple & stress free!  Whether it's your son/daughter's first purchase or your tenth purchase, everyone will get the same fair deal.  Our Sales people are not paid on commission, so they can fulfill the wants and needs of the customer.  We not only want to sell you your first vehicle, but all vehicles in the years to come.