Enjoy the Apple Experience with your new Chrysler Pacifica!

Let's face it folks, over the past few years, the technology in both cars and phones has gotten much more sophisticated. However, even with all the new features available, phones and cars haven't always gotten along so nicely. We all know the hassles that came with trying to pair your phone to your car through Bluetooth. Luckily, the new Chrysler Pacifica and its new Apple Experience system, those hassles will be a thing of the past.

It's no secret that the Chrysler Pacifica is one of the most feature-forward and technologically sophisticated minivans on the market today, but with this new Apple Experience technology suite, it pushes the envelope even further. Simply plug your compatible phone into the USB ports on the Chrysler Pacifica, and your device will pair seamlessly with the car, allowing you to easily use the Maps, Messages, and even Podcast apps through its crisp touchscreen interface. What's more, Pacifica drivers will also enjoy a complimentary 6 month free trial subscription to Apple Music, allowing you to access a substantial library of your favorite tunes on the go.

The Apple Experience is just one of many reasons for families in the greater Sheboygan, WI area to consider the new Chrysler Pacifica as their next car. So, if you'd like to get better acquainted with all that the Chrysler Pacifica has to offer, feel free to stop by Sheboygan Chrysler Center to check out this innovative new minivan today!

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